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At age 61 I started my Digital Products Business in my spare time


  • Complete business, marketing and automation course
  • Lifetime access to a 10,000+ member community
  • Multi 6 Figure Business Mentors and Coaches
  • An in demand, Done With You, Course that you can resell for 100% profit! - The course is done, we build the platform for you to sell it on!

You want to start a business but you don't have a high end product to sell? Then this is the course for you!

What's included in the Course?

Step by step instructions to Brand, Build and Market your business. (Existing business, product or service, or build a new one!)

What is MRR (Master Resell Rights)?

MRR is Master Resell Rights, where you own the product. In this case the Course, and can resell for profit. Be sure to read the specific policy and licensing connected to the MRR product you are purchasing.

Do I have resell the course?

No. The course is a complete course that you can use to build, brand and market your own business or add to your skills. However, many people have earned significant incomes by promoting the exact course they learned from with 100% profit.

What if I don't have experience or a following?

This is what the course teaches. There are all levels of entrepreneurs in the course, but it is a step by step format. If you are brand new don't get overwhelmed! But the best time to start is now!

Will I have to pay for upgrades and changes?

As the core course is updated we will all receive access to the new material.

This includes weekly Q & A calls. currently held on Monday and Fridays.

What if I want to go DEEPER or learn more?

Social Media and Digital Marketing change on a regular basis. There is a membership option that is NOT connected to the Original course that you may be intersted in for a small monthly fee. It is completely optional

I Get it! I've been in ecommerce and online business for over 20 years.

Hi; I'm Patti, I am a 61 year old business owner, wife, mom and grandma. Thanks to the internet, I have been blessed to be home and working for myself since 2002. Whether e-commerce, coaching, blogging, affiliate marketing, direct sales or authoring a book through KDP, I have done it all!
And thankfully, I have found some success. But ecommerce and social media are always changing and I never really felt I had a handle on how to market my business and how to promote myself. I always felt like there was more. Profit margins on my physical products are low, $20-$30. And then I have to sell and ship them.
Affiliate marketing was unpredictable, and honestly, I was making about 7% profit on items I promoted.
Direct Sales, no matter how much I loved the product, loved the company, loved the teams, my profit was around 30%, usually enough to purchase for myself and my family.

Then in 2022 I took courses and expanded my skill and expanded my business. I learned a lot! I enjoyed the courses, but I was just a student. For one of the courses I could become a teacher/coach for about $3,000 (ouch). Sure I could recommend the courses and did because I am always willing to help a fellow entrepreneur on their journey. But, after some frustration, and much prayer I found a course and a community that gave me focus and direction. I needed that in a world of promises and shiny objects! I learned skills I needed from the course, (A reasonably priced, in high demand, course), and I knew that if I liked the course and found value in it and the community, I could use my newly learned skills to promote and sell the SAME COURSE, for the same price I paid and receive 100% profit! I wouldn't have to get further training, because I wouldn't be teaching it. I didn't have to pay for licensing because I already had Master Resell Rights!

And here you are. Your story may be similar or you may be much younger and further in your journey... regardless where you are, Learn and Earn 365 with the Learn and Earn Profits Online Community has all you need!

Don't like my branding? Don't like my color scheme? No worries because you can market and design your business how you want and the course will teach you how!

I can't wait to see you inside the community!

A sneak peek at what some Modules cover

  • Master Reller Rights
  • Build Your Brand
  • Your Sales Process
  • Email Campaigns
  • Content
  • Automation (this is a game changer)
  • Social Media
  • AI and more!

You can search FOREVER and never find HALF of what is offered here today! EVERYTHING you need all in one place!

100% Profit!

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